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Principal’s Message

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Prof. Jayshree R. Deshmukh


Silver Crest Junior College, Pune

Greetings !

The legacy of the institution is a great source of inspiration.

Junior college is very important since it’s a transitional phase between school and professional courses and has to be taken care of so.

Highest quality teaching is a critical component of our Silver Crest College’s Strategic Plan and this is reflected in staff undertaking continuous efforts to enhance their skills to improve students’ academics.

Our Endeavour will always be to equip our children in every way by providing them with a plethora of activities to explore their innate talents and help them build a strong will.

Co-curricular activities like Guest Lectures, Vocational Guidance, Sports, Yoga, Educational Visits, Awareness Programs, Art and cultural Activities etc. will foster them for overall personality development.

I am very inclined to quote Franklin Roosevelt in this context, “We cannot always build the future for our children , but we can build our children for the future.”

I am assuring all parents that, your ward will fly in as Junior college student and will fly out as a goal- driven, diligent and persevering person who can achieve anything he/she wants.